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Board Game Reviews

Those Pesky Humans game turns the tables and lets you play the role of the Monsters who are fighting off the annoying Humans who keep invading your dungeon. This game is playable against one or a team of your "friends". It is highly re-playable due to the variable dungeon tile design and the variety of Avatars and abilities you may choose to play with each game. Mechanics are kept very simple to keep the pace of the game moving quickly.

Goal of the Game

One Player, as Those Pesky Humans, wants to delve into the depths of the Monster Lair and achieve fame, acclaim, and lots of cold, hard gold pieces by retrieving the Three Legendary Gem Stones...but at least one of them must make it out alive.

The other Player, as the Monster LORD and his minions, wants very much to keep this from happening.  The Monsters win the game if all of the Human Avatars are killed, protecting the hard-attained hoard.

PLAYERS: 2-4 (1 vs Many)

AGES: 9+

TIME: 60-90 minutes

10 Room Tiles
40 Human Draw Cards
40 Monster Draw Cards
12 Doors
30 Resource/Equipment Tokens
2 Starting Hex Tokens
23 Monster Minion Figures
30 Ability Cards
5 Avatar Figures
1 Rulebook

Review of Those Pesky Humans Board Game from Board To Death TV

Those Pesky Humans presents a similar flavor of dungeon delving, but with the addition of attractive comic-style art work and an automatic integration of humor. All of the components were of the highest quality (great plastics, thick punch-outs, art, etc.), and the instruction manual seemed intuitively written with an easy to grasp presentation....The game is incredibly quick and easy to learn. Quite literally, it takes me less than five minutes to explain to new players how to play the game....I've yet to play a game of Those Pesky Humans that played exactly like a previous session...If you are looking for a rules-light, non-intensive monsters vs. heroes dungeon romp ... look no further. - Alan Gerding

I just picked this up from Minion Games and I am really impressed. I have also had a soft spot for dungeon crawl type games and this definitely mirrors that sort of feel. This game takes it a step further and allows players to take on the role of the evil side and the adventurer side. In a nutshell one player chooses to be a big bad Ogre protecting his dungeon. The other players take up the role of the adventurers.
Both player types get to choose from a stack of ability cards that add variety to the game and help keep it replayable. On top of that I enjoyed the large hex "room" tiles that make up the game. The tiles are printed on both side so each game has a random setup. Both player types draw from a specific stack of cards that are tailored to the Heroes and the Monster player. This ends up creating some really unique situations and games as different mixes of card types will get drawn each game.
Overall, I enjoyed this game immensely for three reasons. #1 Replay Value, #2 Humorous artwork, situations, etc., and #3 the 90 minute play time. Most dungeon crawl games out there will have you stuck playing the game for three or more hours. With this game, I can get in a couple other game plays before I call it a night.
- Don Lloyd